Masters & MVP Open - Episode 68 Disc Golf Show


Disc Golf Show Episode 68


  1. PDGA Pro Masters Worlds Championships presented by Dynamic Discs

    1. Round 1

      1. M40+ Justin McLuen takes the early lead

      2. F40+ Kimberly Giannola has 1st

    2. Round 2

      1. M40+ McCray, Feldberg, and Schweberger are tied for 1st

      2. F40+ Giannola builds her lead to 6 strokes

    3. Round 3

      1. M40+ David Feldberg takes lead by 1

      2. F40+ Giannola still has the lead but only by 2 strokes

    4. Round 4

      1. M40+ Feldberg bumps his lead to 2

      2. F40+ Giannola bumps lead to 4

    5. Semis

      1. M40+ Dave Feldberg maintains his lead

    6. Finals

      1. Feldberg takes the win by 3 strokes over McCray

      2. Courtney McCoy comes back to push it into Sudden Death holes, but Giannola is able to win in extra holes

  2. European Disc Golf Championships

    1. Simon stayed in Europe for this event

      1. Round 1

        1. MPO Seppo Paju has the lead by 1 stroke over Silver Latt

        2. FPO Eveliina Salonen takes a 3 stroke lead right out of the gate

        3. Shoutout to KJ Nybo and Quentin Lammerant on their aces

      2. Round 2

        1. MPO Simon jumps into the lead by 2 strokes

        2. FPO Henna Blomroos turns it on for a 6 stroke swing to put her in the lead over Eveliina by 3 strokes

        3. Shoutout to Darius Gricius for his ace

      3. Round 3

        1. MPO Simon increases his lead to 6 strokes

        2. FPO Henna bumps her lead to 4 strokes over Eveliina

      4. Finals

        1. MPO Simon takes the win

        2. FPO Henna Blomroos holds off Eveliina for the win

  3. Coming up this week is the last DGPT event before the Tour Championships!

    1. MVP Open at Maple Hill, Aug 24-26




  1. Yikun Discs - Hammer (Chui) (Overstable Putter)


    2. Hammer (CHUI, 战锤) is designed as a utility disc ideal for windy day putting. This slow, overstable disc provides great grip even on a rainy day with a strong fade for all player levels. Flight rating (2, 2.5, 0, 3)"

  2. Yikun Discs - Crossbow (Nu) (Overstable Midrange)


    2. Crossbow (NU, 连弩) is designed as a utility disc capable of fighting a strong headwind. Crossbow is a reliable, overstable midrange disc with minimal glide and strong fade that's a challenge to turn over. Flight rating (4, 1.5, 0.5, 4)

  3. No info

    1. DGA - Tempest

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