AM Worlds - Disc Golf Show Episode 61

Disc Golf Show - Show Notes

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Hello and welcome to the Disc Golf Show Episode 61

Today is Sunday, July 1st.

And our guest host is Wilbur Wallis, the Am Worlds Course Director!


  1. We will be switching up our schedule!!!!!!
    1. Should we stop, should we change it up
    1. The episodes will be posted on Monday evenings/nights
    1. We recently discussed the future of the Disc Golf Show
    2. So, we will be dropping the live streams, booooooo, we know
    3. However, we will be doing our shows on a weekly basis now!
    4. The episodes will be easier to consume for you guys as they will be much shorter
    5. This will be easier for us to manage and maintain as well so that we can give you more frequent updates
    6. Let us know what you think
    7. Don’t worry, we will be throwing in some live streams here and there for different things, it just won’t be for every show
  1. Beaver State Fling
    1. Catina fights off Paige in a playoff to take another win at this event
    2. Eagle secures another National Tour win showing that he is on his game

We would like to thank our episode sponsors: Zing Mini’s.

  1. Shoutouts!
    1. Paul Ulibarri - win at Alutaguse Open - EuroTour#5
    2. Nick Wood & Sarah Hokom - wins at BC Open
    3. Joel Freeman & Kona Star Panis - wins at High Plains Challenge
    4. Cameron Colglazier & Sara Lamberson - wins at Magic City Mega Bowl
    5. Garrett Gurthie & Madison Walker - wins at Z
  1. Utah Open - Disc Golf Pro Tour
    1. Much respect as he owned up to his mistake (you can see during his vlog) and stated that players NEED to read the players book to know all the rules for that event
    1. Catrina Allen and Ricky Wysocki hold off their competitors to keep the title of Utah Open Champion!
    2. Eagle happened to play one of the holes incorrectly and got a 2 stroke penalty for doing so.
  1. Latitude 64 Tyyni in Sipoo, Finland
    1. Ricky Wysocki and Paige Pierce take the early lead
    2. Catina Allen takes the lead from Paige while Ricky maintains 1st going into the final round
  1. Nick went to a putting league that just started in Folsom, CA
    1. Had a blast
    2. Found out that he may be a pistol putter



  1. DGA - Steady BL (Beadless)
      DGA is excited to announce the release of its new version of our popular putt & approach disc, theSteady!  The new Steady BL (beadless) has many of the same flight characteristics that made the original Steady well received by players of all skill levels, with the addition of a smooth beadless bottom edge. 
      Speed 2, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 2
      July 13th it will be available
    1. Legacy - Vandal
    2. Legacy - Pursuit
    3. Legacy - Recluse
    4. Gateway - Apex
    5. Gateway - Slayer (retooled)
    6. Fourth Circle - Taipan (revised)
    7. Infinite Discs - Anubis
    8. Infinite Discs - Slab (revised)
  2. No info


  1. Prodigy Disc - Mobile Disc golf Practice Target


  1. Bust-a-Knee Kneepads
  2. Shady Rays - Glasses
  3. Zing Minis

UDisc Quick Stats

  1. Top Parked Percentage in MPO is 19% by Simon Lizotte and GT Hancock, FPO is 12% by Paige Pierce
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