Project Lifelong - Disc Golf Show Episode 59

Hello and welcome to the Disc Golf Show Episode 59

Today is Sunday, May 6th.

And our guest host is Sean LaTour from Project Lifelong!

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  1. DGPT - 3rd Stop - Jonesboro Open
    1. Round 1
      1. Paige Pierce comes out hot with a -12, 7 strokes ahead of the rest of the field, also getting an eagle on hole 9
      2. Will Schusterick back in the fight shooting a -10 for round 1
      3. Garrett Gurthie has the hot round of -14
      1. Paige extends her lead
      2. Ricky Wysocki jumps into the lead by 2 strokes over Garrett Gurthie
    2. Round 2
      1. Paige dominates continuing her undefeated 2018 season
      2. Wysocki is able to hold of a charging Gurthie
      3. Shoutout to Eric Oakley who jumped up to tie for 3rd with Montgomery
    3. Round 3


  1. RE/MAX Open - EPT#1
    1. Congrats to Mikael Rasanen and Henna Blomroos on their wins at the first stop of the 2018 European Pro Tour!

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  1. Glass Blown Open - National Tour
    1. Round 1 - Thursday, Apr 26
      1. 5 MPO players tied for first, McMahon, Wysocki, Gibson, Lizotte, and Shue
      2. Paige Pierce had the lead but by only 1 stroke over Rebecca Cox
      1. Eagle and Drew were tied for 1st going into the final round, Wysocki and Lizotte on their heels
        1. The card was split on Eagle’s drive on the island hole on whether or not his disc was touching land or not, Eagle ended up calling it out with a little “persuasion” by Drew
          2. Eagle’s throw is at the 2:42:00 mark
        2. Was is safe or OB?
      2. Rebecca Cox didn’t have a strong second round, but Lisa Fajkus made a run within two as Paige didn’t throw as well as usual
    2. Round 2 - Friday, Apr 27
      1. There were some trades in the lead between Eagle, Drew, and Wysocki throughout the round while Lizotte fell off a bit and started trying some new, and very entertaining, lines
        1. Drew had an ace run splash out on hole
          2. Drew’s throw is at the 15:40 mark
        1. Paige is still undefeated in 2018
        2. Will anyone be able to take a victory from her this year?
      2. It was a close battle as Paige barely held off Lisa Fajkus for the win by just 2 strokes
        1. He won by a single stroke over Drew and Ricky who tied for 2nd
        2. He has won both National Tour events this year
      3. Eagle was able to take down his second big win
    3. Round 3 - Saturday, Apr 28
    4. All covered card videos


  1. Currently in progress
    1. Nick Hyde Memorial presented by Arby’s DFW
      1. Sarah Hokom takes the win
      2. Wysocki started today with a 1 stroke lead over Sexton, Eagle, and McBeth
      1. JohnE McCray had a 5 stroke lead going into the final round
    2. Tim Selinske US Masters Championship


  1. PDGA released Croatian & Amharic (Ethiopian) version of the Rules Book and Competition Manual


  1. We should be attending at least one day at the San Francisco Open coming up May 25-27. Come out and say hi at this stop of the Disc Golf Pro Tour!


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  1. Infinite Discs - Sphinx (Distance Driver/Control Driver)
    2. "The Sphinx is the perfect disc for new players who want a distance driver / control driver crossover that won't fade too soon while covering as much distance as possible
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  2. Infinite Discs - Tomb (Flat Top Putt and Approach)
    2. The Myth is the first putter in the Infinite Discs brand lineup and we wanted to start strong.
  3. Infinite Discs - Myth (Beaded Putter)
    2. TheExcite fills the straight-to-understable role of Axiom's 24.5mm class of distance drivers. This large-rimmed driver matches the speed of the Tantrum, but with a more neutral stability.
  4. Axiom Discs - Excite (Straight-Understable Distance Driver)
    1. Prodigy - H2 (retooled)
    2. Prodigy - H4 (retooled)
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    2. Holds 16 Discs
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  2. Throwback Sports - All Day Pack
    1. Kids Book
  3. Gracie and the Marvelous Metal Basket by Michelle Jones
    1. Ashley Birrittier
  4. Disc Golf Friends Coloring Book
  5. Mocha 360



  1. Filming your game to improve


  • See what you are doing
  • Work on one thing at a time


UDisc Quick Stats

  1. Currently Dave Feldberg has the lowest OB rate at .048
  2. Simon Lizotte has the lead in the Parked stat at 25%


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